Monday, April 13, 2020

Gypsy around Taiwan

Decided to get away from all the bad news in the world and  tour around Taiwan in a small camper van; cycling, hiking, surfing and enjoy local foods in areas where the camper serves as homebase. Taiwan very safe and has the Covid 19 virus firmly under control. Took along my boogieboard and pretended I'm a kid again... actually I still feel like a kid, but my 50th is fast approaching so I took a good medical kit along as well i.e. bottle of scotch and

April 2020
1st stop: Spent night at a small temple outside Kenting, near Hongchaikeng
google map small temple

2nd Day:
Through Kenting to Jialeshui, Manzhou, Mudan up the east coast. used routes 200, 199, 9 , 11
Sail rock outside Kenting on way to Eluanbi Lighthouse , most southern point Taiwan
Jialeshui, great surfing amd cycling, beautiful rock formations in park
mudan area, aboriginal, Paiwan tribe
east coast taiwan start Dawu
great clean campsite , not expensive NT350 pd, outside Cheng gong. on surf beach, nice cycling trails too.
google maps link

3rd Day onwards:
Cycling around the Cheng gong area.Well maintained dedicated cycling roads and beautiful scenery.
bus stop for school students
market area Cheng gong
san xian tai leapfrog bridge
on way to xiao gang harbor and town
chinese year of mouse zodiac
room with aview... wake up to this every day
let's go surfing!

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  1. Looks like a great time was had. Will definitely join you sometime


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